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Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming
December 14, 2016

Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming

The Dell XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch laptop. Its is considered to be one of the best machine for programming, productivity, entertainment and what not. It is the visual embodiment of a machine that transcends the bounds of possibility and is a marvel of human ingenuity. The visually stimulating UltraSharp QHD/FHD+ resolution (3200×1800) is the signature of this ground breaking device. Built from a single block of aluminum, this lightweight yet robust laptop weighs only 1.29 kgs making it the perfect companion at work and play.

This is a great PC for programming and we can say that as somebody who dislikes Dell PCs. As far as it matters for me, I need to concede that I incline toward a consistent hard drive to a SSD, yet that is exclusively identified with capacity limit (and to the generally modest substitution cost, if essential). Also there are a few devices you won’t need, or be capable, to utilize, (for example, Blender or 3ds Max), yet unless you are doing propelled amusement programming, instruments like that are redundant. For an amateur software engineer, and for most middle programming, this PC will serve you well.

Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming

Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming

Substantial screens are the best. We deal with a 17 inch laptop, and it’s totally delightful when we are coding on the Dell XPS 13. The vast majority of my companions have little 13-15 inch laptops, and the cost is that they either need to squint harder to peruse the content, or they can’t have the same number of windows open as we do. When you need to compose code for a class, it turns out to be truly useful to have numerous windows open as reference.

Is the Dell XPS 13 (2012) good for programming?

Let us find out the reasons why YES

The most clear reason: PERFORMANCE

So the very first reason for Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming, is Speed and reliability are what you get with the Dell XPS 13. Backed by the 6th Generation Intel Core processors this laptop boots and resumes faster than you can type your password. The 256GB Solid State Drive hard drive paired with Intel HD Graphics 520 give you seamless navigational abilities between multiple apps.

More Productive

Lnking: Get entirely new ways to capture notes and develop thoughts – quickly and easily – with your pen or fingertip. Office+Windows: Windows-unique features, like amazing inking capabilities and smart integration with Cortana, are great for getting more done on Office apps. Multi-Tasking: Get started quickly, easily access what you need, and get faster ways to organize and finish. Microsoft Edge: Designed to be the most productive browser. SO this becomes the 2nd reason for Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming.

Powerful, Modern Devices

Cool Designs results as the 3rd reason for Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming, considering the most exciting new devices – including 2-in-1s, portable all-in-ones and HoloLens holographics – from Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo. New Experiences: The latest advances – touch, pen, Continuum, voice and biometrics – in today’s devices. Better Performance: Faster speeds, longer battery life.


The Dell XPS 13 comes with an integrated 54Whr battery. Up to 15 hours of battery life under ideal usage condition. Even when you are ready to call it a day, your laptop will be raring to go.

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Learning Whether Dell XPS 13 2012 Good for Programming
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