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June 22, 2022

Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

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Are you passionate about blogging and looking for extra income? Blogs are a low-cost, business idea that can make you thousands of dollars each month. So let us understand whether we can Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

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So, Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? Get Yours Now!

This Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? guide explains how to make money blogging. It also includes 11 revenue streams that professional bloggers use to earn a full-time living through their websites.

How much can bloggers Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

Blogging has a lot of potential. Bloggers like Ryan Robinson, who runs a blog about blogging, can make $30,000/month. Adam Enfroy started his blog in 2019 about blogging as a side business and generated $1.5million from it just two years later.

Bloggers can make a lot of money from blogging, but not just by making monthly income. There are many marketplaces such as Flippa that offer blogs for sale. Many of these come with six-figure price tags. Bloggers get paid when their creativity project gets acquired.

You are in your niche. Are people spending large amounts of money on products within your industry? Software industry can be very lucrative because many companies pay a recurring commission. Bloggers can make small monthly incomes even after customers have made their purchase. (More about this later.

Your blog monetization strategies. New bloggers should not consider other methods of monetizing their blogs. You shouldn’t be paid to write content that you disagree with. This could impact your earning potential in the short-term.

What is the average time it takes to Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

As guided in this Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? article, People start blogging as a side business to make extra money. Bloggers can make substantial income for different amounts of time. Some people with an entrepreneurial mindset can make their first $100 online in a matter of months.

Brittany Berger, founder and CEO of Work Brighter made her first $100 almost immediately. Berger developed a $20 digital download that she promoted in her weekly newsletters and on her signup page for her newsletter. She says, “By starting this early in the blog’s life, I was able convert a large portion of the audience.”

“It is not a good idea to wait until you have a larger audience before you launch something. I found that it can lead to more pressure so I tried a smaller product with a smaller audience.”

Mushfiq Sakar, another blogger, started blogging in 2008 while working full-time. Mushfiq, who had never been in marketing before, says that he quit his job to concentrate on The website Flip as it was growing rapidly and he was more passionate about blogging and growing the website.

The blog is now generating significant revenue, despite being only a few years old. Many people know me well, but they don’t know that I was an active blogger and a journalist covering the industry. I was able to start making money quickly, within a few months.

Ways to make money Make Money Writing Blog Posts

Are you looking for an side hustle that will bring in extra income? Are you looking for an answer to this Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? question? These 11 ways can you make money blogging, whether you are starting a blog or expanding an existing one.

Choose a profitable niche

A niche refers to a particular topic within a larger topic like vegan recipes. Your blog can have one of these topics. This will help readers form an association with you. You will be their first point of contact when they need advice.

Mushfiq, the founder of The Website Flip, says, “Before monetization it’s all quality and expertise if your goal is to stand out.” First, determine your niche and why you should write about it. Then, create a persona to represent yourself in that area. You’ll start to build a following. Monetization follows later.”

Bloggers can make a living in many niches such as business software or pet accessories. Not all niches are great.

Three criteria are required to make a profitable niche blog:

You’re passionate about something. To build an audience and monetize your blog, you need to have a lot of quality content. Blogs about things you are passionate about will be more fun and generate more income. It is easier to stay with a hobby you enjoy.

Low competition. Other people are making money in the niche. To assess keyword ranking difficulty, you can also do a Google Search. If big brands with larger marketing budgets dominate the first page of search results, it will be more difficult to drive organic traffic.

Monetization potential. Take a look at the monetization possibilities for each niche in your shortlist. Are companies willing to pay for advertising on blogs in this niche? Are there affiliate programs selling products in this industry? These are indicators of a profitable niche blog.

Create an email list to Make Money Writing Blog Posts

You need to have loyal readers who appreciate your recommendations in order to make money with your blog. Building an email list to your blog is one of the best ways you can do this. If someone opts in to your blog, they give you permission to reach them in one place that is more sacred than any other: their email inbox.

“Email marketing is my most profitable sales channel. Brittany Berger, founder and CEO of WorkBrighter, says, “I don’t try to sell directly through other channels anymore. Instead, I direct people via social media, collaborations and SEO to my list.”

Pop-up boxes can be used to encourage blog visitors to sign up for your mailing list. You want to encourage anyone who visits your blog for the first time to sign up to receive information from you.

Review sponsored products

Based on this Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? article, Businesses want social proof to prove that their products are worth the investment. They can do this by paying bloggers for reviews. Ask your favorite brands if they are interested in sponsoring your review. This tactic is free if you don’t use the product for the review purpose. This is essentially a way to get paid to give your opinion on a product that you already own.

This monetization strategy is a bit murky. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently fined Fashion Nova $4.2 million for suppressing negative reviews, even though–supposedly–a third-party service solicited them. The FTC has issued a new set of guidelines to affect ecommerce merchants as well as the bloggers they pay to write sponsored reviews.

Advertising placements can be sold

Bloggers are often willing to accept advertising placements on company websites in exchange for a fee. In return for a fee, you can lend them space that is not being used. Talk to companies one-on-one.

Ask companies in your industry if they are interested in advertising on the site. This is the time-consuming option and requires strong negotiation skills. However, it can bring in the most money.

You use an advertising network. Platforms such as Google AdSense and Mediavine can claim space on your site and manage the billing of advertisers. You can embed the code on your website and earn money to display ads.

Emily Brookes is a blogger at EmilyMay. Display ads are the most profitable sales channel for her blog. She says that display ads account for 60% of the revenue from my blog. “Ads consistently make me money each month, even though I haven’t published any new content.”

Google AdSense pays per 1,000 impressions (CPM) and the average CPM for display ads is around the $1.25 mark. You’ll make more money the more people see your ads on your blog.

Affiliate marketing programs available

Affiliate marketing refers to the act of recommending products for your blog audience. When they use your link to purchase the product, you’ll be paid commission.

Bloggers have a huge revenue opportunity, as the content they share will influence their purchasing decisions. Your blog can be a hub for educational content, which will help you build the trust and know-how necessary to sell.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to create products. You can plug into an existing ecommerce company and become a virtual representative for them. You don’t have to worry about creating marketing materials, shipping products or customer service.

This method can make you money blogging. Join an affiliate network such as ShareASale or AWIN. You can browse available programs within your industry and apply to join them.

Search for high-ticket affiliate program merchants that sell expensive products like software or electronics. When they recommend these items to their readers, bloggers earn large checks. Shopify affiliates earn 100% commission for the first two subscription payments.

Offer services

Building your audience is a natural side effect of growing your audience. More people will associate your name with blog topics that you write about. This is a great way for authority to be built, which people seek when they hire people to do a service.

Consulting is a great revenue source if you are in the B2B sector like I am. What kind of consulting are you able to offer if you have expertise and people read your content? Mushfiq, the founder of The Website Flip, says that it’s a low-risk, high-return way to make money blogging.

Although it is time-consuming to run a service-based company, it can also be a way to make some money online. You can use your blog content to show your expertise and demand a higher hourly wage.

Sell digital products

Selling digital products alongside your blog is a better way to make money. You don’t trade time for money, unlike service-based businesses. There are no shipping and manufacturing costs, unlike physical products. You can make digital products one time and then sell endless quantities via your blog – hence the expression “Build once, Sell twice.”

“I added printable (and soon other digital products) to diversify my income and give me more control. My revenue numbers are not crazy because I let readers choose how much they would like to pay for my printable. But, I have downloaded over 800 times, so I’m proud of that.” –Dylan Houlihan founder of Swift Salary

You can use a reader survey to find out which digital products your audience would purchase. The question asks, “What problem are you looking for help with?” These answers can reveal ideas that you can package and market as:

Sell physical products

Is your blog a favorite among a small group of people? Blog followers quickly turn into loyal fans who are eager to help their favorite blogger. You can help them achieve this by selling physical products.

Small blogging businesses will find the print on-demand model very useful. You only have to pay manufacturing costs when a customer purchases a product. When bulk manufacturing products are used, there is no need for excess inventory, storage fees or high upfront costs.

Initiate a membership group

Your most engaged readers will be able to enjoy a VIP experience for a small fee. This type of community is an important part of social connection–something especially important in a world becoming increasingly online-first.

Not only has community been shown to improve mental well-being but 52% shoppers will spend more on brands or blogs that share their values.

Michael Keenan, who manages a membership community along with the Peak Freelance blog, says: “If your goal is to create a steady revenue stream for your blogging efforts then a membership program is the best option. Offer exclusive content such as handbooks, courses, and special offers to your members of Peak Freelance.

Set up your membership fees monthly or annually. For those who pay annually, you can offer a slight discount. This will give you an opportunity to generate cash for new content or products.

Monetize YouTube videos

Are you looking to make money with your blog by joining an affiliate program? Diversifying your content can help you expand your reach and, subsequently, your income streams.

To maximize affiliate commission, add video marketing to your email list. A branded video has convinced 88% of people to purchase something. You’ll be rewarded if a viewer buys because of your recommendation.

You can increase the amount of money you make through your blog by making each piece of content the foundation for a video script. Then record yourself speaking on the same topic. After editing the video, upload it to YouTube.

A Beautiful Mess published a YouTube video showing how you can create built-in shelves. The video description links to the blog post, which includes affiliate links to the products mentioned in the tutorial.

This strategy is effective for many reasons. The first is that not everyone likes to read online content. Some people prefer watching videos. If you only produce written text, you could alienate thousands.

Second, YouTube and Google are the most used search engines around the world. The likelihood that your target reader will find it and purchase products from you as an affiliate by sharing content on both platforms is increased.

Google’s algorithm pulls YouTube videos from search engines results pages (SERP) for some queries. For example, a YouTube video about “how to groom your dog at house” will be the first thing you see in the search engine results page (SERP).

YouTube has its own set of monetization tools, including the YouTube Partnership program. This is only available to vloggers who have more than 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of video views. YouTube will show ads before your video loads once you are enrolled. It will pay you every viewer who views your video. This is a great way to increase your blog income.

Make a podcast and you’ll get a sponsor

Podcasts are a popular alternative format. More than half of US consumers listen to podcasts, up from 33% in 2015. Episodes don’t only fill your morning commute.

Studies have shown that 53% listeners will go online to find out more about a product after they hear it through podcast sponsorships. A further 35% of listeners will start a conversation about the product with a friend. These points make them appealing propositions for brands seeking to expand their reach.

Produce your own podcast to capitalize on the attention of your audience. Record yourself speaking about a topic relevant to your niche, and then syndicate each episode on a streaming platform such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Sponsorship opportunities allow you to reach out to niche brands. Sponsorship fees allow companies to sell ad space, giving them a way to reach their target audience.

Conclusion – Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts?

It’s not easy to build a blog business. Your niche, your relationship with your audience, as well as the content formats you produce are all important factors in generating revenue. First, focus on creating great content and building a loyal readership. Then, experiment with these monetization strategies.

Display advertising is the fastest way to monetize your blog. Display advertising is a quick way to monetize a blog. You don’t have to be an expert to rent space on your blog through Google AdSense. However, you will get paid for each 1,000 visitors who see the advertisement.

To make money blogging, you don’t require any prior experience. Your website is yours to control, so you can experiment with digital marketing techniques. You can make your first $100 online by blogging.

So as per this Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts? article, You can start by selecting a profitable niche and building an email list. Then, you can recommend products that you are an affiliate for. If people buy through your recommendations, you can make thousands per month.

Blogs that are highly successful have one thing in common. They have strong relationships with their readers. Your blog will make you more money if more people visit it and trust your recommendations.

WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform. However, others choose to use another CMS such as Squarespace, Blogger, Squarespace or Tumblr instead. No matter what platform you use, these monetization strategies will help you make money with your blog. So this concludes the topic for Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Posts?