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January 1, 2023

Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception

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In this startup world, your business reputation is the most important thing to survive in this market. The logo is one of the prime aspects to get your business a reputation in the market. So let us read more about Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception!

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Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception

A single word or logo defines your whole business to customers. The top tech giant companies like Apple, Microsoft, coca-cola, and Starbucks make millions of money from just their logo. For example, most people use iPhones just to show off the apple logo in front of their friends.

In logo designing the most important thing is what color and don’t the designer choose. That is why understanding the psychology of the customer before making a logo is the most vital part of the logo design.

First, you have to choose your best-targeted audience, and from their emotions and psychology, you have to choose the color and font. It’s more important for your customer to know your business intention, brand value, and what you want to communicate with your customer.

So as per this Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception article, Let us understand step by step how you can catch the Psychology of Logo Design: How Colors and Shapes Affect Consumer Perception.

The psychology of fonts in logo design

The font is an important aspect to have a better impact on people’s minds. The which is used in logo should be reflective of the brand of the value of the business.

Some fonts like serif and San serif are easier for the reader to read. We use to see these fonts are mostly used in most business logos or blogs.

If You Want stable and mature conversation you should consider Times New Roman or Arial fonts but these fonts are also uninspired or traditionalist. The Cosmic sans font is used for happy, casual, or youthful conversation.

For businesses, it is important to have a traditional, clean conversation because it should be a trustworthy message which also affects the credibility of the business. On the other hand, coffee shops should avoid rigid and hyper-clean don’t they should use fond which is relaxed.

So based on this Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception article, For the Company hallmark, script font is recommended because it portrays the elegance of handwriting. The companies like Disney, sega, and Baskin Robbins use display fonts as more energetic and bold.

The psychology of logo color in logo design

The color you use in the font reflects your brand identity, value, and also your brand image. You can make the best logo if you choose your logo color correctly. Also, colors Are strongly connected with human emotion.

Here are some qualities of colors that you have to see :

  1. Black:- This Color is closely Connected with expenses, some seriousness, intelligence, and also elegance.
  2. White:- This Colour is all about space, purity, and cleanliness.
  3. Blue:- This color is a symbol of honesty, integrity, trust, and also reliability.
  4. Purple:- Purple color shows creativity, mystery, royalty, and respect.
  5. Grey:-  This color helps you to communicate with others with neutrality and refinement.
  6. Brown:- This color is seen as friendly, organic, neutral, and also rugged.
  7. Pink:- This Color is specifically used to show some cuteness, love, and romance.
  8. Yellow:- Yellow color is used to show some adventure, enthusiasm, travel, and youth and evoke happiness.
  9. Green:- A green color we all know is for money, health, and for knowledge.
  10. Red:- Red color is used to warm, show some anger, life, comfort, and attention-grabbing.

Now it’s more important to you how you can mix color to portray your business. Some color combinations like black and white portray elegance and maturity.

So according to this Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception article, For youthful or childish or with full energy you have to choose a bright color. Now you have to just choose the color according to your brand.

The psychology of shapes in logo design

All logos contain text or icons and all icons or text also contain shapes. It’s most important to you that you should consider the shape that communicates to your audience. There are many types of shapes there as geometric shapes, organic shapes, and symbolic shapes. Let’s see one by one

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes mean shapes that are available in nature like a leaf, trees, animals, water, and rocks. Natural shapes like leaves and water are calmer to the viewer. You can use them for a business like spas and medicine.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are all kinds of mathematical representations like triangles, squares, and circles using these shapes you can communicate with your audience. Let’s see one by one

  • Rectangle and Square:- If you want to give a message to your customers for strength,  reliability, order, and stability then the square is the best option for you.
  • The best example of the square logo is Microsoft uses the 4 Square logo many other companies.
  • If you want to communicate a message like the value of proportion, and professionalism then the square logo is for you.
  • BBC also uses three solid squares which portray messages about confidence and trust.
  • Circles:- If you want to consumer think about harmony and unity then a circle is the best option.
  • Circle communicates softly and gently.
  • Triangles:- Triangle can be used in many ways if you put it upward then it shows power.
  • Inverted triangles show a downward movement.
  • For example companies like Chevron, Delta, and CAT use triangle logos.

Symbolic shapes

So according to this Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception article, Symbolic shapes are used to show the culture, show some precision, and also have ordinary meaning. Like star symbols that convey religion and patriotism, it depends on how businesses use them.

The heart symbol is used to show love, marriage, and relationship also broken hearts represent break up and divorce. Big brands like Amazon and FedEx use an arrow in their logo to show customers some messages Amazon uses to show from ” A To Z” all available in their stores.

FAQ – Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception

Q. How does color affect the perception of a logo?

Color improves brand recognition by 80% for business.

Q. What shapes attract customers?

There are many shapes as we discuss above in this blog but the round shape and curves attract an audience for friendliness.

Q. How does brand image affect Consumer Behavior? 

Brand image affects the consumer as a positive or negative effect on buying goods.

Conclusion – Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception

Every small detail of your logo influences your customers. You have to use logos more effectively and efficiently to portray your best message to customers.

You have just understood the psychology of your customers towards your products then you can create the most powerful brand logo. Always create a high-resolution image that can easily adapt and adjust according to size.

If you’re using symbols in your logo then you have to adjust it properly because if you use any symbol big then it grabs the audience’s attention first.

You should consider space, background color, and layering. So this concludes the topic for Logo Design Psychology Colors Shapes Affect Perception.